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Registration is closed for all levels except Learn to Skate

We have closed Registration for all levels except Learn to Skate.


If you would like to request late Registration, you may send an email to a board member for consideration.  Late fees will be applied.



Register now **Important Note**


Sports Engine has changed the way discounts are applied.  If you are registering MORE than 2 players (3+), please stop here and email-

We will create a coupon code for your family to get your discount when you check out.  This discount will be personal to your family, please include the names and level of play that they will be registering for in your email.

If you are registering 2 players, the discount will apply automatically.

Deadline to register is October 7th, 2023.  ($50 late fee is applied after the deadline)

Click the Link below to register

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

Registration All levels 2023-2024


Welcome to the Iron Range Hockey Association 2023-2024 season!  All IRHA players, returning and new, will complete a registration online via SportsEngine.  SportsEngine requires a copy of the player’s USA Hockey Registration, birth certificate if you are a new player to IRHA and electronic or credit card payment for $225* for raffle tickets and a minimum of ¼ of the registration fee due by September 15th, 2023.  IRHA requires 50% paid by October 15th, 2023 and 75% paid by November 15th, 2023.  Payments are paid online through SportsEngine. This registration allows a payment plan option; however, full payment may be made at any time.  In all instances, full balance is due by December 15th, 2023.


Players may register only when their previous IRHA accounts are in good standing (Zero Balance Due).  Players may not participate in any IRHA on-ice activities, including any team try outs and evaluation sessions, until the previous year’s obligations to IRHA are paid in full.   If necessary, the player will be removed from all IRHA activities if their account is not current and in good standing during the season.


The HS Preseason Division is available for players trying out for the high school team.  

Travel Team Registration is available for players who have made the 10u and 12u Tier II travel AA teams.  The cost is $150 plus raffle.  (Travel team players are not responsible for the gun raffle)

To reduce registration costs, IRHA participants will need to take part in 2 raffle ticket and a pasty sale fundraiser*:

Cash raffle 50 tickets ($200) - Sell the tickets, keep the money.  (Buy and Sell extra and earn credit towards registration)  This raffle is discounted for 2 or more family members.

Gun raffle 5 tickets ($25)  This raffle is not discounted.

*Travel teams are not responsible for Gun raffle or Pasty sale


Raffle tickets will be available on September 27th, 2023 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00p.m. at the Negaunee Ice Arena.  The Cash Raffle will draw at the December Board Meeting while the Wilderness Raffle will draw in March.


Pasty Sale! – The minimum number of pasties per participant to be sold will be determined prior to September 30th.  A pasty form will be emailed to all participants once the details have been finalized.


Refunds may be issued to players leaving IRHA during the season and will be based on a weekly proration.  The IRHA Board will only consider refunds for the following reasons:

Serious medical condition, verified by a doctor, which would preclude the player from continuing or returning to the season (Season-ending injury prior to February 28) or Family moving out of Marquette County.  Other refunds are available and can be found on the IRHA Website.  All requests must be made by mail or email to the IRHA Board and will be subject to a $30.00 processing fee.  Raffle tickets are nonrefundable for any portion of the registration.

*Cash Raffle tickets are discounted for families with multiple players (2nd child gets 30 tickets, 3rd child or more get no tickets).  Secondary raffles are not discounted and are per participant.

** Registration discounted for families with more than two players (50% discount on 3rd child and 4th child or more have no registration fees.


The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

Registration Fee table for 2023-2024

Division Birth Range 2023-24 Fees** Raffle Tickets* Due Spetember 15th, 2023 Due October 15th, 2023 Due November 15th, 2023 Due December 15th, 2023 Total
Learn to Skate 2015 & Younger $75 $200-40 Tickets $25-5 Tickets $243.75 $18.75 $18.75 $18.75 $300
8u 2015 & Younger $404 $200-40 Tickets $25-5 Tickets $326 $101 $101 $101 $629
10u 2013 & 2014 $520 $200-40 Tickets $25-5 Tickets $355 $130 $130 $130 $745
12u 2011 & 2012 $546 $200-40 Tickets $25-5 Tickets $361.5 $136.5 $136.5 $136.5 $771
14u 2009 & 2010 $568 $200-40 Tickets $25-5 Tickets $367 $142 $142 $142 $793
Girls 14u 2009 to 2012 $568 $200-40 Tickets $25-5 Tickets $367 $142 $142 $142 $793
16u/18u 2005 to 2008 $568 $200-40 Tickets $25-5 Tickets $367 $142 $142 $142 $793
HS Preseason 2005 to 2008 $150 (non-refundable) N/A $150 N/A N/A N/A $150
10u AA 2013 & 2014 $150* $200 $350 N/A N/A N/A $350
12u AA 2011 & 2012 $150* $200 $350 N/A N/A N/A $350

*AA travel teams are self funded.  $150 is the IRHA membership fee.  All other costs are paid directly to the team by the players.